Frequently Asked Questions

Intermed Language Institute. Inc. is the biggest German language school for nurses in the country with a total of 7 branches nationwide. We are also a licensed TELC exam center at the same time. Our teachers are native German speakers and are DAF certified to teach nurses and some of them are licensed TELC examiners.

Yes, we have employers. We cater both hospitals and nursing homes all over Germany. You and your nurse friends have a lot of employers to choose from.

No need to look for an agency. We have Athena Nursing Care as our primary partner agency which is incharge of employers in Germany. Our employers are already waiting for you.

We also have POEA licensed partner agencies like Bison to help us process your documents and your deployment to Germany.

The employers will interview you and assess you especially in the B1 and B2 courses to come up with employment and salary offers.

A1 Beginner Course online class is 120 hours. For 2 hours daily and 5 days weekly, it will be 12 weeks.

A2 Elementary German online class is also 120 hours. For 2 hours daily and 5 days weekly, it will be 12 weeks.

B1 Intermediate German physical class is 140 hours. For 4 hours daily and 5 days weekly, it will be 7 weeks.

B2 “Pflege” Professional Level for Nurses physical class is 220 hours. For 4 hours daily and 5 days weekly, it will be 11 weeks.

Total duration of the whole German language training is 8-10 months.

Though you don’t have major exams from A1-B1 courses, you are still required to have satisfactory performance in quizzes, exercises, and homework to pass each level. The only major exam we prepare you for is the B2 TELC exam. Right after you finish the B2 course, we provide you a free intensive review and free B2 TELC exam on the first take.

***You’re already saving around P18k-20k for getting an intensive review and an exam from a separate TELC exam center. Plus convenience from the hassles of taking forever to book your slot on your own.

Absolutely! Usually 98% of our nurses pass the B2 TELC exam on first take. Recently, all 100% of our nurses from Batch 59 passed the B2 exam on first take before the ECQ and are now just waiting for deployment.

Besides teaching the full German language course, Intermed Langauge Institute also prepares the RN students for the cultural differences which to expect moving abroad, the medical terms and medical role plays in a German setting with German standards. Intermed even offers intensive review for German nursing exam to prepare them prior and also communication refresher course which is a big help for those who don’t practice speaking while waiting for deployment.

Most of our teachers are licensed TELC examiners as well. They can prepare the nurses for the TELC B2 exams because our teachers know the formats and usual topics for the exams.

  • Registered nurses with at least 2 years recent work experience in hospitals.
  • Registered nurses with at least 1-year work experience in special areas.
  • Registered nurses with work experience abroad.

No. Intermed Language Institute is a language training center to prepare you for work in Germany. We have partner agencies for recruitment such as; Athena Nursing Care -Philippines (consultancy service), Athena Nursing Care Germany (will process employment in Germany) and Bison Management Corp (will process POEA/OEC)

8 months normally (4 hours daily, Monday to Friday).
A1 course (120 hours)
A2 course (120 hours)
B1 course (140 hours)
B2 course (240 hours)
Longer, under COVID-related conditions

This applies only on a case to case basis for specific branches. It’ll depend on the Branch of choice and the conditions of your transportation and distance of home. Please contact your Branch head to see if you are eligible. If approved, for some cases, 5K monthly will be extended, but will be payable within first 3 months of work in Germany.

  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE (1A form from Civil Registrar Office)
  • PASSPORT (at least 2 years before expiry date)
  • TRANSCRIPT OF RECORD (with total number of hours per subject for all subjects minor and major)
  • RLE
  • CERTIFICATE OF EMPLOYMENT (with total number of work hours per department)


Travel Insurance of 5K payable once your work visa has been approved.

Nurse will pay the 75 Euros visa fee upon visa interview at German embassy. Visa fee is refundable.

No, there is none.

No there are none.

No it is not.

You will have to retake the level. First retake will be free. Any retake beyond that will be charged 50% of the tuition fee.

First take of the B2 exam is for free but to retake the exam, you would have to pay 8,500 pesos for the examination fee.
You may retake the exam right away if there is a scheduled TELC B2 exam. If there’s none you must join the B2 class of the next takers. There is no limit in taking the exam.

After passing the B2 exam, we can start the processing of your Recognition in Germany (B2 language certificate is needed for the Recognition, the reason why we have to wait for the nurses to pass the B2 exam before we apply for Recognition in Germany). Once we have the Recognition and other required documents we can schedule you an embassy appointment and wait for your visa approval and flight to Germany.

The international flight cost will be covered, but for the domestic flight, the nurse will have to shoulder it on their own.

We accept all nurses below the age of 40 years old. Applicants above 40 are required to pay the cash bond and are up for resume review.

The nurses may not choose their employer, but may opt to be placed in desired region depending on availability/vacancy.

Yes, nurses have to coordinate with their respective employers once they are already in Germany. The employers will help with the documents they needed for the visas of their family members (financial capacity, permanent residency permit, etc).
We have cases that the family visas was approved less than a year of processing.

5 years. Nurse must have the financial capability of renting an apartment under his or her own name and responsibility.

Yes, you are to have 30 vacation days free to travel.

As early as your first few weeks in A1 and as late as after your B2 exam, you already will have had your interview and have an employer.

It varies between 6 months and 1 year, depending on the employer, or if all your paper works have been successfully completed in time.

As soon as 2-4 months.

As per the POEA guidelines, they have at least a 2 year contract with their employer. It means they have to stay with their employer for 2 years but we can take into consideration the situation, problems and other factors that make them decide to transfer.

We have agents assigned in Germany whom you may contact to address these concerns.

Yes, all incoming Philippine nurses will start off as nursing assistant until they pass the official German Nursing Board Exam.

PLEASE NOTE: That the nurses’ German Nursing Board Exam fees will be shouldered by their employer. The exam can only be taken a maximum of two times. If the nurse fails the exam, they have 18 months allowance left to stay and work in Germany as a nurse assistant.

€1,900 to ‎€2,400 before recognition.
€2,400 and above after recognition.
Salaries stated on contracts are monthly gross pay (actual offers from employers).

No deductions from Athena Nursing Care agency, but there are tax deductions, as well as accommodations and health insurance .
Tax deductions ranges from 30 -35% from gross salary.

Some employers offer 1-month free accommodation or more
Some employers will deduct accommodation from salary (affordable for the nurses)
Some employers provide monthly accommodation allowance.

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